My Little Pony Equestria Girls: Choose Your Own Ending (Flash Sentry Edition) are three Unused shorts which focuses on Flash Sentry as he interact with some of the main 7 and help with the problem.

Text SupportEdit

When Twilight get a strange text from Timbers spruce, Flash arrived helped her with her problem by telling her just to call him. Later after he left, he turned around and see Twilight is happy about her date with Timber, Flash took out his phone to reveal that he have a photo of Princess Twilight on his phone when she came to the human world and wished he had the courage to ask her out.

Driving Miss ShimmerEdit

After been given another chance to pass a driving test to get her license, Flash offered to teach Sunset by letting her drive in his car, which he gives specific instruction how to handle his car, such as the position of the hands on the 10 and 2 on the wheel. Looking at the rear view mirror and even tell me how not to push to hard on the gas pedal. Then he taught her how to park and even revered how he was able to get his car.

Happily Ever After PartyEdit

After Cranky Doodle refuse to give the CMC the slide projector for the after party, Flash came up with a way; distract cranky by practicing a song and ask for his opinion about the song, which at the same time the CMC took the projector for the after party.